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Case Studies

We have a range of case studies showcasing our work with various customers, highlighting the successful projects we've completed. Here are a few examples. 

Best of British Beer

WoodenBox UK and Best of British Beer have formed a collaborative relationship where WoodenBox UK prints bespoke designs created by Best of British Beer onto their wooden beer crates. This collaboration allows customers of Best of British Beer to have personalised and unique packaging for their beer.

Sophie Morrell

We partnered with Sophie Morrell, a UK-based designer and retailer known for her cute and quirky animal-themed greeting cards, framed prints, and giftware. Together, we created a bespoke retail display stand to showcase her greeting cards.

Local Farm Shop

WoodenBox UK played a vital role in assisting a farm shop with the setup of their retail display by providing wooden crates that were repurposed as shelving units. These crates were transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing display shelves, adding a rustic and charming touch to the store.

Pig + Pickle

WoodenBox UK has partnered with Pig + Pickle, a local coffee shop, on various projects. We produced printed wooden trays that incorporated their branding for food service. Additionally, we crafted a custom CNC cut sign for outside and created crate bundles to create a backbar display, resulting in a  cohesive aesthetic for
the coffee shop.

The Dolphin Inn

WoodenBox UK had the privilege of collaborating with The Dolphin Inn for a limited edition 2018 wooden box featuring Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select. This exclusive box was  crafted with a black stained finish and featured custom printing on all sides.

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